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    About NDA

  • NDA stands for National Defence Academy. It is a premier joint services training Institution producing permanent commissioned officers for the Indian Armed Forces. It is the centre of excellence for cadets of all the three services, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. NDA is located at Khadakwasla, Pune, Maharashtra. NDA imparts training to young cadets, who choose the Armed Forces as their career. The training equips the cadets with mental, moral and physical attributes required to cope with the challenges of the future battlefield. They are given intensive education in Science, Technology, Arts and Military subjects. In the three years at NDA, a cadet is transformed into a potential officer and gentleman. The foundation stone for the academy was laid on 6 Oct, 1949. The NDA was formally commissioned on 7 Dec, 1954 with an inauguration ceremony held on 16 Jan, 1955. NDA campus is located around 17 km from Pune city, near Khadakwasla Lake. It spreads over 8,000 acres, very close to the lakeshore, neighbouring hilly terrain and proximity to the Arabian sea and other military establishments. It has very pleasant weather throughout the year. NDA is also located in the hunting grounds of great Hindu Warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Sinhagad Fort is also very close to the NDA establishment. NDA has an excellent infrastructure for complete training of cadets. It has a vast array of facilities like well equipped classrooms, labs, two swimming pools, a gymnasium, a cricket stadium, 32 football fields, 2 polo grounds and a large number of squash and tennis courts.

NDA Syllabus

  • NDA/NA (National Defence Academy & Naval Academy) examination is conducted by UPSC. The NDA exam is held twice a year. Written exam for NDA/N A(I) is held in April-May for admission in December course. While written exam for for NDA/NA(II) is held in September-October for admission in July course.
    Paper I- Mathematics
    Total Marks300 Marks
    Total No. of Questions120
    Marks awarded for Correct answer2.5 marks
    Marks deducted for wrong answer-0.85
    Exam Duration2.5 Hours

    General Ability

    Paper II- General Ability
    Total Marks600 marks
    Total No. of Questions150
    No. of questions in English Section50
    No. Of questions in General knowledge Section100
    Maximum Marks for English200 marks
    Maximum Marks for G.K.400 marks 
    Marks for Correct Answer4 marks in both sections
    Marks for Incorrect Answer-1.33 marks in both sections
    Exam Duration2.5 Hours

    NDA Syllabus for Mathematics

    Paper 1 in NDA is purely based on Mathematics. No change is observed in NDA Syllabus from the previous year. The questions will be asked from 10+2 level only. The sub-sections in this part are also of basic-level mathematics.

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    Here are all important topics in NDA Syllabus for Paper 1 i.e. Mathematics:

    NDA Syllabus for Mathematics
    AlgebraMatrices and Determinants
    TrigonometryAnalytical Geometry of Two and Three Dimensions 
    Differential CalculusIntegral Calculus and Differential Equations
    Vector AlgebraStatistics and Probability

    Best Books for NDA Preparation

    For Paper 1 in NDA i.e. Mathematics, it is always a better approach to put in some extra efforts. For this, you will need to refer to some books ot her than NCERT of class XI/XII.

    • These books are a great mix of theoretical knowledge and their practical application, in the form of questions.
    • We advise you to practice from them as much as possible.

    Here are some of the best books for NDA Preparation for Mathematics paper:

    Book Name Author/ Publisher
    Mathematics for NDA and NA: National Defence Academy and Naval AcademyR S Aggarwal
    Quantitative aptitude for competitive examinationsR S Aggarwal

    Study Package MATHEMATICS NDA & NA Entrance Exam

    NDA Mathematics (Hindi)RPH Editorial Board

    NDA Sample Questions for Mathematics

    NDA 2018 Paper Analysis for Mathematics

    NDA Paper 1 in April 2018 had maximum questions from Algebra, Matrices and Determinants, Trigonometry, Calculus, Probability, complex number and Quadratic equation.

    • Mathematics sections was comparatively easier than p revious year.
    • The exam was for 300 marks in total.

    Here is the topic-wise distribution of questions in NDA 2018 Paper 1:

    TopicNo. of questions
    Quadratic equation20-15
    Matrices & Determinants 30
    Complex number 10-15

    NDA Syllabus for General Ability Test

    Paper 2 in NDA i.e. the General Ability Test judges a candidate’s basic awareness and English proficiency. This section is further divide d into two parts, English and General Knowledge.

    • Total marks awarded to Paper 2 are 600.
    • This paper must be completed in 2.5 hours.
    • Here is the subject-wise NDA Syllabus for Paper 2:

    Part A- English 

    • The English portion of the entrance test is design ed in a way to judge a candidate's knowledge of the basic grammar and vocabulary.
    • It judges a candidate’s ability to form correct sentences and use of words.
    • The syllabus of the English paper ranges from various aspects like the knowledge and usage of grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, an d his mental ability to remember and place the meaning of words in their proper places.
    • Marks allotted to this section are 300.

    Part B- General Knowledge

    The question paper on General Knowledge will cover current affairs, questions from Physics, Chemistry, Genera l Science, Social Studies, Geography and Current Events. NDA syllabus of each topic is given below. The paper aims to check knowledge and intelligent understanding of the subject.

    Physics Section

    The table below includes the important topics asked in Physics section of the General Ability Test:

    NDA Syllabus for Physics
    States of Matter and its properties Light and Sound (properties)
    Motion and Laws of MotionMagnet and its properties
    Work, Energy and Power Current and Electricity
    Modes of Transfer of Heat and its effectGeneral Principles of Working of Simple Pendulum, Pulleys, Siphon, Levers, Balloon, Pumps, Hydrometer, Pressure Cooker, Thermos Flask, Gramophone, Telegraphs, Telephone, Periscope, Telescope, Microscope, Mariner’s Compass; Lightening Conductors, Safety Fuses

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    Chemistry Section

    The basic knowledge of Chemistry and various chemicals is tested in the chemistry section. The topics to be considered for preparation are given below:

    NDA Syllabus for Chemistry
    Physical and Chemical ChangesProperties of Oxygen, Hydrogen etc. with Oxidation and Reduction
    Air and Water (properties)Carbon and its forms
    Chemical equations and L aws of Chemical CombinationAtom and its structure (details)
    Elements, Compounds and MixturesFertilizers
    Acid, Bas es and SaltsUse of materials for preparation of different chemicals

    General Science Section

    The topics for general science are tabulated below. The candidates must prepare according to the NDA Syllabus to obtain a good score in the NDA exam.

    NDA Syllabus for General Sciences
    Basic Unit of Life: CellReproduction in Plants and Animals
    Living and Non-Living ThingsHuman Body and Life processes
    Epidemics: causes and preventionsFood and Balanced Diet
    Solar SystemAchievement of Eminent Scientists

    History Section

    The important topics covered in the history section of t he general ability test in NDA is given in the table below:

    NDA Syllabus for History
    Indian History: Culture and Civilisation Constitution and Administration of India
    Nationalism in IndiaGovernment of India at various levels
    Five Year plans of IndiaRenaissance and Discovery
    French, Russian and Industrial RevolutionUnited nations and Concept o f one world
    Democracy in IndiaTeachings of Mahatma Gandhi

    Geography Section

    Candidates must prepare the following topics thoroughly for Geography section in NDA 2019:

    NDA Syllabus for Geography
    Earth and its Origin and Movement (latitudes and longitudes) Tides and Oceanic Currents
    Rocks and Its classificationAtmosphere and Atmospheric Pressure
    Types of ClimateRe gional Geography of India
    Agricultural and IndustriesTransportation and Trading routes of India
    Imports and Exports of India

    Current Affairs Section

    Candidates must follow the latest newspapers and magazi nes with information about the current events across the country and the world both. The topics to be prepared to qualify in this section with good marks are tabulated below:

    NDA Syllabus for Current Affairs
    Important and Recent Events in IndiaCurrent and Important World Events
    Important Indian or Non-Indian Personalities related to Cultural Activi ties and Sports-

    Best Books for NDA Preparation

    There is no set syllabus for Paper 2 as the questions challenge a candidate’s vigilance for current and recent event s around the globe. Along with it, basic knowledge for various subjects is tested.

    • For NDA Preparation, go through books, magazines, newspapers, archives, news channels etc. to be able to score well in this paper.
    • Candidates must have the basic knowledge of the subjects that are tested in NDA.
    • Other than newspapers and class XII books, there are plenty of NDA Preparation Books available in the market that can help you with the General Ability Section. Here are a few of them:
    Book Name Author/ Publisher
    History Of Modern India (History)Bipa n Chandra
    Science and Technology in India (Science and Technology)Kalpana Rajaram : Spectrum
    Oxford School Atlas (Geography)Oxford 
    Social Problems In India (Indian Society – GS1)Ram Ahuja

    Objective General English for Competitive Exams

    S.P. Bakshi

    Manorama Yearbook 2019

    Mammen Mathew

    NDA Sample Questions for General Ability Test

    NDA 2018 Paper Analysis for General Ability Test

    Paper 2 in NDA 2018 had 150 questions. Marks allotted to this paper were 600.

    • Questions in English were from the prescribed NDA Syllabus.
    • From Section B, science had the toughest questions.
    • Questions from the remaining subjects were moderate in difficulty level.

    Here is the analysis for NDA 2018 held in April:

    PART A- English

    TopicNo. of QuestionsNo. of Marks
    Spotting Errors520
    Selecting Words1040
    Ordering of Words in a Sentence936
    Sentence Improvement1040

    PART B- General Knowledge

    TopicNo. of QuestionsNo. of Marks
    General Science1144
    History & Freedom Movement1664
    Current Events1768

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