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    Sainik Schools Notification

  • The Sainik Schools are a system of schools in India established and managed by the Sainik Schools Society under Ministry of Defence. They were conceived in 1961 by V. K. Krishna Menon, the then Defence Minister of India, to rectify the regional and class imbalance amongst the Officer cadre of the Indian Military, and to prepare students for entry into the National Defence Academy (NDA), Khadakwasla, Pune and Indian Naval Academy. Today there are 28 such schools running and proposed for future covering all the states of the country. The Sainik Schools are a system of schools in India established and managed by the Sainik Schools Society under Ministry of Defence. They were conceived in 1961 by V. K. ... Today there are 28 such schools running and proposed for future covering all the states of the country. The schools come under the purview of respective state governments and Ministry of Defence, and in his Union Budget of 2008, Finance minister, P Chidambaram, allocated ₹2 crore to each of the 25 Sainik schools, to counter rising attrition in the defence forces, especially at the officer level. The first Sainik School was opened by Dr Sampoorna Nand in UP in 1960 under UP state government and there after other Sainik school and Military Schools we’re opened. UP Sainik School Lucknow located near Amausi Airport remains the only Sainik School under State Govt.

  • Sainik School Class 6 syllabus

  • The entrance exam will be consists of two papers such as Paper I and Paper II. Paper I will be held in first day first half, Mathematical knowledge test for 100 marks and Language ability test will be conducted for 100 marks. Paper II will be Intelligence test which contains 100 marks. Paper I will be held in two hours and paper II will be held in 50 minutes. The candidates should go through the medical examination where the students will be observed as per the physical standard of authority.

    Subject Name No. of Questions & Marks Total Marks
    Math 50 * 3 150
    GK (Sc & Sst) 25 * 2 50
    Language 25 * 2 50
    Intelligence 25 * 2 50
    Total Permutation, Combination &Probability

      Class 6 Syllabus 2020-2021

    • The best strategy to getting good marks in the entrance examination, the students should go through the syllabus. Without the exam syllabus, it is impossible to get good marks in the examination. The exam board will upload the exam syllabus on the official website. The students should get and download it from the official website. The students should know the topics, exam model from the syllabus.The guidelines of the structure of the exam are design by the department of entrance examination. The questions will be asked in the syllabus format given by the authority board.Here, we given the syllabus pattern for class 6, the concerned student can look after the following steps.
      • VI entrance exam Syllabus 2020 for English

      •  Composition/ Paragraph Writing

      •  Comprehension Passages

      •  Make Meaningful Sentence from Jumbled Words

      •  Spelling

      •  Singular and Plural Forms

      •  Affirmative and Interrogative

      •  Antonyms and Synonyms

      •  Homonyms

      •  Prepositions

      •  One Word Answers/ Fill in the Blanks

      •  Articles

      •  Framing Questions

      •  Sentence Types (Interrogative, Positive, Negative, Exclamatory)

      •  Constructing Sentences with Words, etc

        • Class VI Entrance Exam Syllabus 2020-2021 for Mathematics:

        •  Number System: (Place Value and Face Value of Numbers, Comparison of Numbers, Writing Greatest and Smallest numbers, Rounding off numbers, Fundamental Operations on number including BODMAS rule, Number Patterns and Series, LCM and HCF, Prime Factorisation, Squares and square roots, etc. )
        •  Fractional and Decimals: ( Simplifications, Fundamental Operations Including BODMAS Rule, Lowest form and equivalent fractions, comparisons, squares and square roots, Conversion of fractions to decimals or percentages and vice versa, applications including word problems, etc)
        •  Commercial Mathematics: (Time and work, Ration and Proportion, unitary method, percentages, profit and loss including percentages, simple interest, arithmetic mean, degree Fahrenheit, preparation of cash bills, time and distance including conversion of units, measurement of temperature in degree Celsius, etc.)
        •  Mensuration: (Conversion of Units of Area and Volume, Perimeter and areas and of triangle – rectangle – square including given diagrams, circumference and area of circle, volumes of solids such as cube and cuboid, etc.)
        •  Geometry: (Basic Geometry concepts such as line, point, line segment, ray, etc, triangles, classification of angles, Circle and its parts, quadrilaterals and polygons, interior and exterior of given figures, quadrilaterals, angle sum property of triangles, angles, triangles,circles, construction of line segments, etc)
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